In the mix


It’s been weeks since I last wrote a blog, however the advantage of going through chemo non-stop is the fact that “chemonesia” (yes, you become kind of forgetful) makes you forget that you wanted to write and when you do… Continue Reading

Dear Angelina…


Dear Angelina, Without being impolite, I never been a fan. No, please don’t take it personal, I like you, but I simply don’t carry a fan-gene. I admire all kind warm hearted, honest women and men on this planet. Talent is… Continue Reading

Keep your hat up


While time is relative, it seems to be a champion at slipping away with ease. Days fly by and events keep passing quickly. Most of the time my head is relaxed, while at the same time, it’s light weight. However… Continue Reading

1.2.3. times a winner


It’s been a while since I last wrote. Somehow the non stop “shocks” had stolen my words. But I found them back & I’m determined to keep sharing them. My mood is great, in spite of the latest news. Just… Continue Reading


Nope, not in the hospital yet… As I was supposed to be there already today, plans changed along the way, as the schedule made by the hospital didn’t work out, due to maintenance of the thorax X-ray. All in all,… Continue Reading

A glow of light


It’s unimaginable how boundaries change synchronically with circumstances. Let alone how a view on situations change. Like I stated last week: how can one imagine to ever be happy to be diagnosed with a second form of cancer, as it is “better”… Continue Reading

Still me!

Some Things Never Change

The weirdest thing happens once you get a new “label” stuck to your forehead. Mind you, a label you never asked for in the first place. It’s not like you just tattooed it yourself. Yes, from one day to the… Continue Reading

Bonus card


Yesterday it was World Cancer Day. Ironically enough, I received a “bonus cancer” yesterday. Now most of us would get a huge shock when they would receive this news. And believe me, so did I… In many ways no one,… Continue Reading



Well, the past couple of days have been pretty adventurous… And not the kind of adventures I was aiming for, such as scuba diving, mountain climbing or camping on a deserted island. If only, as that I might have totally… Continue Reading



Two days ago I reached out for a hero, and this hero proved to be a very special hero. After a nice conversation at the rheumatology clinic, I left in full anticipation, yet also a bit of despair. The extremely… Continue Reading